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AL FAHAD CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT is a registered “TAX AGENT” and holds significant experience in offering professional VAT Accounting & Bookkeeping services. Since the VAT came to effect in the UAE in the beginning of 2018, VAT Accounting & Book Keeping requires careful and correct documentation and record keeping as it is mentioned in the VAT Decree Law. Our VAT Accounting & Bookkeeping team makes sure that all the accounting and VAT reports are in line with the requirement of the Federal Tax Authority (FTA).

Benefit From Our Expert VAT Agent Services

VAT Accounting is a combination of VAT and accounting and all the procedures should be in place when a business is required to compute VAT. VAT is a transaction that needs to be accounted for. Without properly maintaining the accounts and books, companies will be unable to handle the VAT and additional processes are needed to be done to deal with the VAT. VAT Accounting will push businesses to be aware of all the elements and processes that should be implemented in order to properly account for VAT and be responsible of other VAT elements, such as VAT Returns & VAT Refund. It should not be taken lightly since VAT FINES AND PENALTIES are heavy for the businesses that are not complying with the Tax Laws, which have been release by the Federal Tax Authority (FTA).

AL FAHAD CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT is here to act as your tax agent and provides VAT Agent service in ABU DHABI & DUBAI. We take full responsibility of covering all the elements and areas of the tax to unload your burden.

We are here to assist you in many situations, such as:

  • Federal Tax Authority (FTA) requires certain documents in the Arabic language and in a standardized format. So, if your company does not have records in Arabic, then AL FAHAD CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT as TAX AGENT will take care of it.
  • We are included in the list of TAX AGENTs in UAE, and are fully updated and aware of all the recent rules and regulation of the tax law and the changes occurring in the law. Hence the penalty on compliance of the new provisions of the tax laws will be eliminated.
  • As a tax agent, we will help you in identifying the right and suitable ways for your organization which will result in better and long tax planning.

VAT Consultancy Services Based On Professionalism And Experience

The overview of the main activities which will perform to cover all the aspects of VAT in UAE will be:

  • VAT Registration
  • VAT Returns
  • VAT Payments
  • VAT Refunds/ Recovery
  • VAT Auditing
  • VAT Penalties
  • VAT Procedures

AL FAHAD CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT is providing the best quality and timely Tax Agent Services in Abu Dhabi & Dubai.

Our VAT expert will help you in following factors:

  • VAT issue and interests
  • Understand the needs of client’s business
  • Pre and post impact of VAT in the processes of a business.
  • Refunds of VAT for business
  • Analysis of positive and negative impact of VAT on Business.

We are experts and our team will advise you on a comprehensive action plan to take control of VAT. Our VAT consultants UAE will answer all your question and queries regarding VAT.

Registered Agents with Tax Authority

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VAT Registration

1st January 2018, UAE start Value Added Tax for every company in UAE minimum 187500 turnover per year Called Volunteer, If your business More than 375000 turnover per year called Mandatory.

VAT Refund

We are the specialist to take refund from the Federal Tax Authority. Over qualified team will be help you to take over the refunds. Term & Condition apply.

VAT Penalty

If you are not pay Quarterly Vat on time, Penalty will be come to you company and If you don’t know about how to fill it please contact us.